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About the Ministry

Burdened by the call of the Great Commission, World Harvest Missions was established in 2021 by the vision of Pastor Matt Gregory at Harvest Time Church in Flint, TX. World Harvest Missions is a 501C-3 nonprofit organization seeking to provide humanitarian aid to third world countries; but most importantly, fulfilling the call of going out into the world and preaching the Gospel. World Harvest Missions is currently involved in 3 Central American countries: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua- and with intentions of going beyond. Partnering up with churches across the nation, WHM gathers and personally delivers spiritual and physical aid as well as resources to the communities of those who need it the most. Through open air preaching crusades, at home visitations, toy drives, and voluntary manual labor, WMH has already made a huge impact for the glory of God.

Currently at Work!

A dual-purpose building is being built to serve as a church and school in the Yoro Mountain ranges of Honduras!

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Partnering Up

World Harvest Missions is currently working with multiple pastors across Central America to reach the people of their respective communities.

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our mission

World Harvest Missions is storming the gates of Hell with no intentions of holding back; with time quickly coming to an end, we are plundering Hell to populate Heaven. World Harvest Missions is reaching communities who have been forgotten and forsaken through the planting of churches across the land as well as private schools where children can receive a Biblically founded education. In addition, WHM is looking to equip God’s servants of Central America with the necessary resources they need to reach these precious people. We believe we can reach the hurting, lost, prodigal, rich, poor, young and old by shining the love and light of Jesus Christ.

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Harvest Time church is a non-denominational, Full Gospel Church, with the identical 16 Tenets of Faith as the Assemblies of God, although we are not affiliated with the Assemblies of God. We are classical Pentecostals who put a great emphasis on preaching the WORD of God, intimate worship, and allowing God's spirit to move freely in our service's. Come experience a very warm, friendly, loving church that embraces the lost with a message of repentance and restoration, comforts the hurting and strengthens God's Soldiers for the spiritual battles that lie ahead!

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